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This is a story of my Dad, a young man who went to the film Industry in 1960's to find a fame and make his name. While struggling to find a role in the film industry, he parallely started working as an apprentice with film industry designers who were stitching the clothes for the named film stars. During his part-time job working with the designers, he realized that he has a passion and love for designing clothes and didn't pursue his career in the film industry and came back to his small town and opened a studio to pursue his passion. That's how the birth of fashion or love to clothing entered into his life and eventually planted a seed in me.

After many years working in the IT industry, made up my mind and took a plunge and started Bubble and Gumm in September 2019 and, the idea of Bubble♥️Gumm brand is to make you feel "you are beautiful" and to boost the confidence in you through fashion and style. We're in our early stage and want our customers to encourage and keep providing us the feedback on our collection and service. 

We're inspired and charmed by colors, romance and floral prints. Our collection demonstrates the love for femininity, courage, boldness and spirit.

Our curated collection with intricate designs, textures and trendsetting nature offers a range from casual pieces to beautiful statement dresses. We're always growing, pushing ourselves and embracing new trends that meet the needs of our clientele. 

We are constantly improving and developing new ways to make shopping easier and simple for you. Our brand is built by keeping you in our mind – we want to make shopping effortless, styling a cinch, with free shipping! 

Our sizing ranges depending on brand and we also provide how each item looks, fits, feels. If you have further questions regarding a garment, please feel free to contact us at

Keep sharing your love with Bubble♥️Gumm!